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– Bed & Breakfast –
Ferien im Tessin, im Valle Verzasca,
im renovierten Rustico



Welcome to our CB-Guesthouse, a great place to stay, and much more. We love it here and we're sure that you will too.

From the house door there are a number of wonderful trekking paths for easy or challenging walks. Nearby climbing areas offer exciting granite pitches for rock climbers. Also mountain bikers will find various challenges in the surrounding area. And to cool down, there are the beautiful waterfalls and crystal clear water of the Verzasca river or the mondane charms of Lago Maggiore inviting you to swim or simply take a relaxed stroll.


Unsere Zimmer im sanft renovierten Rustico

The rooms are individually decorated in different styles. The furniture is partly made of old chestnut wood "rescued" during the renovation of the house. 

All rooms face the south and are accessible via the balcony of the house with a view of Lake Maggiore and the Verzasca Dam.

The largest room has a private bathroom.





We serve a rich breakfast with regional products from 8 h-10 h

Kitchen Only For Guests



We have a fully equipped kitchen with a cozy breakfast and dining room just for our guests.




Our large garden with stunning views of Lake Maggiore, the Verzasca Dam and our own vineyard is a beautiful spot for relaxing

      Free Wifi



Free Wi-Fi available 




Free parking at your disposal


Baden im Valle Verzasca; Foto: CB Guesthouse, BnB, Mergoscia
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Staudamm Valle Verzasca; Foto: CB Guesthouse, BnB, Mergoscia
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Untere Terrasse des CB-Guesthouses; Foto: CB Guesthouse, BnB, Mergoscia
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Monti di Lego (1149 m)

Mergoscia (730 m) -

Monti di Lego (1149 m)

Magnificent views of Lake Maggiore and Locarno and a cosy place to take a break

Mergoscia - Lavertezzo
(Ponte dei salti)


The path leads along the turquoise-blue Verzasca river with wonderful places to take a refreshing bath

Cima della Trosa (1869 m)

                         Mergoscia (730 m)-

                    Cima della Trosa (1869 m)


Magnificent view up to the highest mountains of the Valais Alps

Madone (2051 m)

Mergoscia (730 m) -

Madone (2051)

One of the most beautiful scenic hikes

Sassariente (1768 m)
Monti di Motti (1062 m) -
Sassariente  (1768 m)


A hike with history to the so-called Polish Wall

Alpe Bardughè (1638 m)

Vogorno (480 m) -

Alpe Bardughè (1638 m)

The Alpe Bardughè is located on one of the most scenic spots in Ticino

Pizzo Vogorno (2442 m)

Alpe Bardughè (1638 m) -

Pizzo Vogorno (2442) 

Interesting alpine hike

Monte Tamaro (1961 m)

Alpe di Neggia (1395 m) -

Monte Tamaro (1961 m)

Hike with view to two lakes

Via alta della Verzasca


The Via Alta della Verzasca is an alpine hike for several days which runs always along the rides of the Verzasca Valley

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